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Easy to Use Point of Sale
Intuitive and self-explanatory online cash register
to get started in a matter of minutes
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Customer Facing Display
FeeOnlinePOS comes with a display to be set up
in front of a customer on any monitor or a tablet
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Different Hardware Support
With FreeOnlinePOS, you can choose
any hardware that fits best for you
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Unlimited Cashiers
Each location may have unlimited number
of associates
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Multiple POS Stations
Set up as many Point of Sale stations as you need
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Different Currencies
Chose any currency to work with

Build your Customer list
You may upload your existing Customer database or
add and manage Customers as you go.

★  Unlimited number of Customers included  ★  

Import and export Catalog items
Keep track of the inventory online.
Access from anywhere to manage your stock.

★  Unlimited number of Catalog items included   ★  

Advantages of a free online point of sale system compared to a regular point of sale and a simple cash register.

An online point of sale system is not just a cash register that you are familiar with, but it is also inventory and store management software all in one. What does it mean? It means that your retail store is much easier to run making it more profitable.

The online retail management system allows you to see not just what happened in your retail enterprise last month, year, or a decade, but lets you see what is happening right now. Having this information makes it simple to plan and make the best decisions for your company.

The Free Online POS System connects all aspects of your business; if you have multiple stores, you can manage them from one place and access from anywhere.

With a cloud online pos system, you do not need to have a computer that saves all your sales data. You do not need to back up any information, do software updates, or keep a running server in order to have access to your store data. All of your information is stored on the cloud and is always accessible from anywhere. We take care of all the back end so that you can concentrate on running a successful business.

Free Online POS runs on a computer in the web browser, like Chrome, Mozilla, etc. You access the online system the same way as you log in to any website like your email, for example. This cloud-based POS system contains all the basic features that a regular POS Software does, including scanning items, taking payments, printing receipts, and many more.

Because all your data is securely stored in your FreeOnlinePOS account, which is in “the cloud”, it means you can access it from anywhere, and see what has happened, is happening, and then plan accordingly in real-time.

A free online point of sale is capable of generating different cool reports and analytics that help you detect profitable sales and identify loyal customers, so you can detect trends and optimize your sales. Since all these data are accessible in real-time, you can take action on predicting shortages of stock, plan profitable sale campaigns, and plan staff levels. You can do this across your whole retail enterprise, from one place.

If you have an item based business, at some point, you will have to switch to at least a basic point of sale inventory system. With a free online point of sale system, you do not have to worry about how much inventory you have on hand. The point of sale system keeps track of that, and you have the information at a glance.

A point of sale inventory management system allows a business owner to have more than one business location and adequately keep track of inventory at each without being present. Business owners should not be worrying about employee theft or pricing inconsistency between one location and another. Point of sale systems takes care of those problems that come up when management is not present, while employee efficiency is maintained at the same time.

Point of sale system makes creating discounts and recording them very easy. Instead of going through a pile of receipts at the end of the day, the point of sale system calculates the discounts automatically as sales occur.

Like discounts, if you want to promote your products, point of sale systems make it easy. Promotions, markdowns, and coupons are tracked, and the effects of these promotions are recorded daily. Analyzing the results of promotions is almost impossible without a point of sale inventory management system.

As you can see, none of the features described are available with a regular stationary cash register.

Retail businesses are the primary users of POS inventory management systems, but many other types of businesses also enjoy using a free online point of sale. The restaurant businesses, especially the fast-food industry, quickly process their orders with online pos systems as well.

Whether you are serving drinks, cutting subs, or brewing up an exotic coffee bean, FreeOnlinePOS is made for multiple types of small and bigger businesses.

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